Our Store

Solidly built, combining style and fun, our tables, desks and bars mix up classic designs with outright modernism. Choose from rustic reclaimed timbers; chic design pieces; tough, easy clean surfaces and a whole lot more.

Sorry but we are not really at the point where we are ready to offer our products to the general public. This area is coming soon- connect with us on our social media channels for updates.


  • You desperately want one! Call us- we’re human.
  • You are in a position to offer us an unmissable opportunity; again, call us- we’re human!
  • We may be able to provide you with interactive panels, at a charge, for you to use in your project with a partial refund if your project is shared on our social media pages. Caution, fame may ensue, it may also not.
  • Terms and conditions will apply.

There are exceptions to the exceptions.